Can I call the testing notification phone line at anytime?

Yes you can! But we STRONGLY recommend calling the notification phone line as early as possible during the day so that if you are selected for testing, you have enough time to make it to the collection site. We recommend calling between 7:00 am and 9:00 am every weekday.

Can I change my password to something I remember?

Yes you can! But it will have to be done by us. To change your password, use the form besides your profile information on the profile page (remember you have to be logged in to view your profile). Provide us with your old password and the new one and we will make the changes. Remember to keep your password safe.

Do I make any payment at the LabCorp collection site?

Absolutely not. If told to make a payment by anybody, contact us immediately (888) 699-0445.

Do I make any payment at a Concentra Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) site?

Absolutely not. If told to make a payment by anybody, contact us immediately (888) 699-0445.

How do I get my registration form if I don’t have access to the internet?

Once informed by the notification system you have been randomly selected for testing and do not have access to the internet, hence our website, to retrieve and print your registration form. Call us at (888) 699-0445 and provide us with your fax number and we will fax you the form immediately.

What is the registration form?

The registration form contains a number (and barcode) unique to you and the ordered test. This number will be needed by the collecting technician to retrieve your electronic record and chain-of-custody (COC) form. Without the registration form, you will not be allowed to donate a specimen which may consequently put you in  violation of your BCE probation order. So it is imperative you access our website to retrieve and print this form as well as take it with you (along with a government issued ID) to the collection site.
The registration form can be found at the bottom of any page on our website (once logged in) under the section, “My Docs and Files.”

There is no document in the “My Docs and Files” section!?

If you are new to the BCE random selection program, no documents will be in the “My docs and files” section. When you are randomly selected for testing, the required documents will be uploaded to this section. A copy of your invoice will be uploaded to this section as well. Older documents are not deleted for a period of one year following upload. If you have been selected for testing and cannot find the required registration form in this section, please call customer service (888-699-0445).